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Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

Year Released: 1984 This polyphonic (8 voices), programmable synthesizer featured a 49-note (C-C) non-velocity keyboard, MIDI, one DCO per voice, a single VCF, three six-segment envelope generators (one for each group of 4 oscillators, and one for the VCF or noise generator), battery power, and two strap buttons, which, combined with its light weight, made it a truly strap-on synth. The batteries lasted approximately 6 hours. It allowed layering both banks of oscillators for much better (fatter) sounds, although it reduced the polyphony to 4 voices. The Poly 800 also featured a simple 256-event step-time sequencer and a simple chorus. The Poly 800 II featured improved MIDI, and a comprehensive digital delay instead of the chorus. It was also slightly darker brown in color.  
Electronic Musical Instrument
Year Released: 1981
  • tuning adjustment trimmer
  • headphone and power supply jack

Electronic Musical Instrument
Year Released: 1984
  • 32 mini keys
  • 12 key buttons + 3 select buttons for direct selectable single finger chords (only 4 standard chords)
  • built-in speaker with unpleasant, loud mid-range resonance
  • monophonic main voice
  • 4 note polyphonic chords or accompaniment
  • 8 OBS preset sounds {piano, harpsichord, organ, violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet, celesta}
  • 12 OBS preset rhythms {rock, disco, 16 beat, swing 2 beat, swing 4 beat, samba, bossa nova, beguine, tango, march, slow rock, waltz} with piano(?) accompaniment
  • rhythm fill-in
  • main & accompaniment (with rhythm) volume sliders
  • tempo +/- buttons (20 steps)
  • ROM- Pack music cartridge slot for melody guide and "auto play" (jukebox mode)
  • "melody guide" keyboard play training feature with key lighting (32 red & green LEDs above the keys), 2 levels
  • 2 "one key play" buttons (to step note by note through ROM musics)
  • semi- analogue monophonic sound generator similar like VL-1; the digital envelopes (with audible zipper noise) are linear and thus sounds unrealistic because they fade silent too soon.
  • chord sound with fixed timbre (3..4 voice squarewave organ)
  • simple analogue percussion with transistor noise (base, low tom, mid tom, high tom, snare, open & closed hihat}
  • CPU= "NEC D1868G  007, 8441XK, Japan" (80 pins SMD)
  • tuning adjustment trimmer
  • headphone and power supply jack