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Electronic Musical Instrument

Electronic Musical Instrument
Polyphony - 4 voices
Oscillators - additive synth section: 5 PCM tones: piano, brass ensemble, trumpet, synth drums, human voice; 3 synth tones: flute, pipe organ, jazz organ
Sampler - Holds 1 Sample: 8-bit PCM, 9.38kHz, approx. 1.4 seconds, loop/ envelope select functions
Arpeg/Seq - None
Filter - None
VCA - None; 13 Envelope shapes
Drums - 11 drum patterns: disco, rock, pops, march, samba, bossa nova, rhumba, 4 beat, swing, slow rock, waltz
Sequencer - 100 steps of polyphonic programming or 99 step chord sequence with and 198 steps each of two solo voices.
Keyboard - 32 mini-keys
Memory - Volatile, lost when powered off
Control - None
Date Produced - 1985

Power Adapter 220 to 7.5V 400mA